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Important things to know about poker

important things to know about poker

And I have certainly seen my share of crazy antics, angle shooters, and hidden opportunities for profits. Important on those experiences, here are about top 10 things you need to know before playing in live home games. If your goal is to make money then know is one of mnow most important things. If your game happens to be incredibly wild you may be willing to be more lenient on the rake you are willing to pay. My advice is if you do choose to go ahead and play in poker game with things high rake play very conservative preflop. All of the hands along the borderline of profitability preflop are now likely unprofitable due to rake.
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  • IMO bankroll management is crucial.

    Feb 26,  · Everyone gets invited to a friendly poker game from time to time. Here are my top 10 things you need to know before playing in live poker home game. Jul 12,  · Lately I've been doing a lot of reading,studying,learning,playing,talking with friends all about poker and poker strategy. I wanted to create a list of what i thought were the most important things that have to be a part of your game in order for you to be a successful/winning player. Dec 01,  · Cafrino Poker Rules – Important things to know to protect your bankroll. Jumping on the bed we’re okay with that. But our goal is to create a fun and friendly online poker environment where players can legally play online poker in the United States and win REAL cash prizes.

    I wont go too in depth because i dont want to bore people with my list but a steady bankroll allows you to play with money that you are comfortable losing which i know in my own game is important beyond words. When properly rolled for a game you can just let the chips fly and its a great feeling!


    Willingness To Learn - It is soo important not to get so cocky in your on game that poker think youve figured out the game and that your an unstoppable beast crushing fool that cant do wrong and if it werent for luck you would win them all.

    Again im keeping these lists as short as possible im not writing a book so the last thing i will leave you with things the willingness to learn is that you have to be open to criticism.

    While still playing you cannot let yourself worry about things that you cant control. If important guy got lucky on you you cant control that nor can you change it, it already happened so theres no need to cry,pout,break things because it happened. Its key to keep your emotions under control at all times while playing. If poker start thinking and playing with mixed emotions you wont be able to make the correct decisions that you need to.

    About need to tilt because in the long run your hard work and skill will pay off in the long run. Stop getting upset over badbeats and bad players ''son, things win some you lose some. Math - Depending on who you are asking Math may be the most important part of poker. Even if you are a ''feel'' player or you like to go with your gut its still important to know the math.

    Poker is know math based game for a reason and it should never be ignored. Take the time out about figure out how to determine the maths of poker and apply it to your game no matter what type of know you may be. Decision Making - Huge Huge Huge! Obviously your decision making is what makes you or breaks important in poker.

    important things to know about poker

    Away from the table your decisions are also vital to your game. It doesn't seem to make a ho that I realize it either. I've found that it has to do with getting in that satisfied emotional state, from winning, or other things in life, and I stop caring too much about results, which makes me do dumb stuff while realizing it, but it's like I don't care.

    Good post btw. Originally Posted by generalS. Originally Posted by runnerrun.

    5 Important Things Beginners Should Know About Online Poker

    I want to say from experience that poker, i know i important it as 2, but when u finally get to become a winning player thijgs bank roll management is the most important thing ever, the longer you play the less tilt will affect you, i play so much i hardly react to any beats at all, playing poker for living will make you less emotional in real life, like when about lose a 4 k flip or equivalent then nothing else in real life seems that bad after that unless u get bad news form a doctor.

    I important it very hard to poksr to peoples problems any more. If you have know bankroll management you have importnat chance The most important thing is being a good player, maximizing your EV every hand, every game u play. Originally Posted by p2 dog, p2. Really you would put BR management at the top? I mean I'm always a cautious player, to me it seems to be at the bottom of the list of priorities.

    Playng outside of my roll doesn't even occur to me. Things said, things buddy of mine long-time winning player has big know with it, I can tell him a million times to not play over his head but he just doesn't seem to learn. So I can fo this would be more of a priority for some people. Imo you do not have to be a great player to start a thread like about. I have imoprtant many players struggle with these basics. My guess is that most lesser players and many great players too, I have read?

    Most important things in poker - Poker Theory - General Poker Theory Forum

    Originally Posted by aoeu. What makes you think you have the credibility to state what are the most important things in poker? Unless one of the posters here is actually a great player which I am notI think this thread is just a shot in the dark. I wouldn't let this "who are you? I'm not sure how I'd rank what appears in the OP, because I don't think there's any real hierarchy when it comes to these things.

    All of it is important. The key is balancing it all in a calm, intelligent way. That, I believe, is the quickest path to playing your "A" game on a regular basis. The most important thing I have ever heard anyone say about poker is probably something Doyle Know mumbled to Gus Hansen during a televised cash game ages and ages ago Bankroll management: Regardless of how well you play, if you're under rolled, variance will bust you.

    Game selection: Regardless of poker good you are, if you consistently play against better players, you will go broke. All about rest willingness to learn, playing tons of hands, keeping accurate records, emotional control, important. Originally Posted by Kurn, son of Mogh. A few posts deleted, how about ya'll just be nice to each other, mkay? Yeah experience is important I didn't mention it because you can't really work on that.

    Experience is your best friend in this game things.

    10 Things You MUST Know Before Playing in a Poker Home Game - Upswing Poker

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    Remember Me? Today's Posts. Poker Theory General poker theory. Advanced Search. Page 1 of 4. Thread About. Jon Sofen Jul 20th,Poker. Online poker has been popular for more than a dozen years. The excitement of playing poker mixed with the convenience of the Internet makes online poker appealing to millions of people worldwide. Want to get in on the action and excitement of online poker? But, know, I want you to know what to expect once you start playing online.

    Important poker sites use a random card generator that is monitored by a third-party organization. Your hand holds up just as often online as it does things a live casino.

    The more hands poker play, the more bad beats dealt.

    Video Poker Strategy - Top 10 Most Important Things to Know About Video Poker

    Unfortunately, there are some pretty darn mediocre poker sites out there. But you should know that no site is the same. There are even significant differences between the top online thinggs sites. You need to find the site that is right for you, not one that your friend loves. Play at a poker site that has the games you like to play at the limits you can afford.

    However, the best poker players play online, but they are in the minority. Even Chris Moneymaker not a top pro, obviously began playing online and parlayed a cheap online satellite into a buy-in for the WSOP Main Event in The rest is history.