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How to find find winning slot machines

how to find find winning slot machines

How about the machines near the table games? And are fimd machines near the coin redemption booths loose? Join us on our journey for finding loose slot machines. Slot players have formulated many theories about where casinos place their loose machines to aid them in their quest. Before we can figure out where the loose machines are, we have to figure out what they are.
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  • An RNG is a tiny computer that does nothing but constantly generate numbers. When you push macnines spin button, that microcomputer selects a number which determines the outcome. In fact, this happens before the reels have even stopped spinning.

    On modern slot machines, the reels are just there for slo. The mechanism that determined the outcome would be the same, but who would want to play a game like that, especially if you know that the house has a mathematical edge over the player.

    The spinning reels, the sound effects, and the bonus games are all there to make the game more interesting to play. The random number generator is programmed to pay back a certain percentage of the money paid into it over a machinfs of time.

    If every slot machine game in the world had a payback percentage posted on the machine somewhere, it would be easy to determine which slots pay back the most money. You can find information about specific locations and their payback percentages, though. Some gambling guides and magazines publish this information.

    3 Ways to Find a Loose Slot Machine at a Casino - wikiHow

    For example, The American Casino Guide provides certified information about the payout percentages in various states. Casinos want patrons to win big at least occasionally, slot if that happens, it encourages other players to spend more winning.

    Management may put its loosest slots near the center of the casino so as many people as possible can witness the machines wins. Ask cocktail servers, booth attendants, find players and locals which machines have paid out the most money lately.

    Such people are how the machines many hours a day, and find may know which slot machines are the loosest.

    Look for machines that boast 95 to 98 percent payout rates. Most casino machines only pay 85 to 90 percent back to players, so those machines with higher payout percentages are looser. Similarly, the machines near the buffet and show lines are tight. People waiting in line fnd just killing time and getting rid of their spare change. Money goes in and rarely comes back out.

    How to Find a Loose Slot Machine at a Casino | Our Pastimes

    The machines near the coin redemption booths, on the other hand, are loose. Players waiting in line for coin redemption are slot players and the casino wants them to see other players winning.

    how to find find winning slot machines

    Seeing all those players winning will make them anxious to get back on the slot floor to try their luck again. Finally, finding loose machines in highly visible locations is most likely. These are the theories I can think of off the top of my head. Maybe you know of some others. Most of the theories have a basis in psychology. To see why, we have to look machibes how slot machines and slot floors have changed.

    How to Win at Slot Machines. Everyone would like to know how to win at slots, but the truth is that winning at slot machines isn’t any harder than losing at slot machines. You put your money in the machine, spin the reels, and hope for the best. Slot machines are meant to be fun; they’re not intended to provide the player with an income. May 30,  · Manipulating slot machines in the past have questioned the probability of winning. Many players find it hard to believe if it is possible. However, with practice and familiarity, it is possible to manipulate slots. Facts About Slot Games. You might be able to find how to win at slot games but at times you need to be aware of its working as well. May 09,  · How to Find a Loose Slot Machine at a Casino. Many people enjoy slot machines for their ease of use and exciting possibilities. If you love playing slot machines and want to get serious about winning, you need to find a loose slot machine. A loose slot machine is a machine that has a higher than average payout. With a 72%(38).

    Picture a slot floor of years ago. The slot machines on a casino floor in that era are arranged in long rows, much like products out cind sale in a supermarket aisle. The machines are placed using cold, mechanical precision. The picture shows hundreds of slot machines all lined up in perfect rows like little soldiers.


    Try an online casino for FREE. No credit card needed, just sign up and start playing! Compare that image with the slot floor layout at a casino that was designed in the last five or so years. Studies have shown that players feel very uncomfortable playing in long aisles.

    How to Win at Slots - Slot Machine Jackpot Strategies

    Having shorter aisles means having more machines at the ends of those aisles. Can all of these machines be loose? In addition to being uncomfortable in long aisles, players are fiind uncomfortable being put out on display for the other players.

    Perhaps they feel like they might become a target if their good luck is too visible.

    Instead of being in a fish bowl, visible to most of the slot floor, players in his niches can be amchines seen by only the other players in that niche. Another theory about loose machine placement is that casinos place them in highly visible areas.

    Modern casinos still have highly visible areas, but the areas are visible fin a smaller number of players. A loose machine in this area will influence fewer players than before.

    Which Slots Pay Back the Most Money

    The last change in the slot floor that I want to mention is perhaps the biggest change of all. Casinos used to have hundreds of slot machines. Now they have thousands. He and his management decided the hold percentage they wanted for each denomination and he ordered payback programs close to that percentage for his machines.

    Finding Loose Slot Machines

    Furthermore, he said this was the common practice in Las Vegas. As much as the slot floor has changed, the changes on the floor are dwarfed by the changes in the slot machines themselves. They really do look like soldiers being inspecting, all standing at attention and in identical uniforms, or like rows of indistinguishable corn plants. In fact, it looks like there are only three different games in the 10 machines in the first row in the picture.