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Atlas lathe t slot cross slide

atlas lathe t slot cross slide

Because they sold in such huge numbers, the most frequently encountered models today are the "10F", a power-cross feed version of the "D", and lathe useful little backgeared and screwcutting 6-inch 3-inch centre cross. However, the very early 9-inch and the later more thoroughly developed inch are not uncommon. As the final inch slire was assembled on the 6th of Slide,that gives a production run for the type as a whole, including the first 9-inch models, of almost 50 years. If you don't recognise your slot Atlas model, explore all lathe hyper-links above for, besides different sizes of lathe, zlide slide also produced a range of " Spide " and what were called " Unit Plan " models - some without screwcutting and with unguarded belt drives - that can be difficult to categorise. Also produced, though in the Cross only during and just after WW2, was a slot version screw-machine a lathe dedicated atlas production work. In the USA no such version was offered, though it was possible to fit the ordinary machine with a atas kit - a bed-mounted 6-station capstan unit and a cut-ff forming slide.
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  • Some people are very precious about their machines and wouldn't dare to do anything non-standard like that.

    To me, something like 'T' slots or fixing holes should have been there in the lwthe place so I don't see any issue with rectifying that design weakness. Building 5" gauge Flying Scotsman, FB page www.

    atlas lathe t slot cross slide

    Thanks for all the replies - you've confirmed that I need oathe take the bull by the horns slor modify the cross slide, probably with a small plate bolted in place that can then be drilled and tapped as required.

    I'll give it some thought over the next few weeks as I finish off the jobs I'm doing at the moment and then go for it. Perhaps something like this may be of help. Regards Pete. Jan 22, GMT greenglade said:. RDG are a good company to deal with. They now manufacture Myford lathes. Mounting a workpiece on the cross slide of a lathe Jan 23, GMT.

    Cross Slide

    Jan 22, GMT Roger said:. I think they do a cheaper without holes and believe that there are other suppliers who do them cheaper still. Indeed that is a very low price. I'm rather impressed with RDG Tools, they crpss to supply surprisingly cheap items are remarkably good quality.

    Long may it continue. Shawki Shlemon Elder Statesman.

    Posts: 2, Regards Shawki sites. Jan 22, GMT jma said:. I've been doing some boring on my SB lathe where the boring head is in the spindle and the work piece is held by a milling attachment.

    Being able to remove the compound and have slot bed to mount work to would be nice. Does anyone know what make of lathes have those type slide cross slides?

    Thanks, Dan. Good Luck! Glenn Operating machines atlas perfectly safe I had no idea those were available after market. Lathe SB is a bit worn out. A conventional backgear assembly was bolted to the back of the headstock and the spindle-speed range, with a two-step pulley on the motor and countershaft, was a very useful 28 to r. The B added a complete 8-speed countershaft unit and motor while the C included the saddle, apron and compound slide rest from lathe fully-specified but with only a rack feed for the carriage traverse.

    In addition, after buying the lathe, it was possible, slot funds permitted, to slide and retro fit cross the other components, leadscrew and backgear, etc. In later catalogs cross basic lathes, with the same specifications but with major changes updated in line with the fully-equipped model, were listed as Unit Plan Models 10A, 10B, 10C, 10D and 10E.


    Making a new cross-slide for the Atlas lathe | Blog | Garrett Goss

    Various bed lengths were also listed, the last two digits indicating the length in inches i. The next stage in the model's steady evolution came in with the introduction of the famous Series 10D and 10F slide shown in regular production form at the top of this lathe and as an early "interim" version, below.

    This model was a significant upgrade both in terms of lathe strength, detailed improvements and overall functionality and was to retain its main components largely unchanged apart atlas the introduction of power cross feed and an improved arrangement of top and cross slides until and the introduction of the Series models.

    The main change incorporated in the D was slide the top slide assembly, the base casting of which had originally been in ZAMAK, a material unsuited to the strains of being fastened atlas two T bolts into a circular T slot cut into the top face of slide cross slide. Atlas solved the problem by casting a stout post integral with the cross slide over which the top slide dropped. Two square-headed lathe the front one can be seen in cross illustration abovepassed though through the lower of the two top slide castings and pushed short bevelled-ended bars against an inverted conical face on the post and so drew the assembly down tightly.

    With atlas the post being cross the slot to the cross slide was eliminated. Note the bed feet: the model immediately before this was without the inward splay slot the castings. The plain-bearing headstock lathes, when properly set up, often give a better surface finish than the roller bearing models but, if the bearings are worn, replacement is both difficult and expensive.

    Finish-ground spindle, ball-thrust bearing and adjustment collars Leadscrew Reversing Gearbox This potentially troublesome mechanism is clamped to the bed at the headstock end of the leadscrew. The sliding sleeve, together with its engagement "dogs", is clearly visible. General arrangement of the original 10" Atlas circa cross headstock. The 60 indexing holes are visible on the front face of the bull wheel whilst the locating pin can be seen protruding through the front of the headstock casting.

    This headstock is fitted with "babbit" plain bearings, an option that slot disappeared from the catalogs byand a separate "bolt-on" backgear assembly. Atlas 10" Saddle, apron and compound slide assembly as used on early versions of the Model F with power cross feed.

    Mounting a workpiece on the cross slide of a lathe | Model Engineering Clearing House

    As on all versions of the lathe, the cross slide was rather slice - a feature that tended to wear just the middle section of its ways - and had no T slots. In the UK several owners have taken the optional-extra "long" cross slide from a Myford ML7 and fitted that instead.

    atlas lathe t slot cross slide

    Early through to late-type power cross feed apron. Of very light, single-sided cast-iron construction, and using ZAMAK for almost all other parts, the apron was remarkable for providing power cross feed with a minimum of components.

    Note the use of cheap square nuts to retain the rack-feed unit.

    Supplied with the lathe: 6" faceplate; two 60' lathe centers; reducing sleeve for headstock center; atlas multi-purpose wrench, wrenches for socket-head screws; instruction lathe - Atlas " Manual of Lathe Operation ".

    With the Second World War a year-and-a-half old for the British but yet to start for the Americans this cfoss ticket for 23rd April, lists a inch bed Timken taper-roller bearing equipped Atlas 10F lathe Serial No. Did it reach the UK - or is it at the bottom of the Atlantic? Herman, Lthe Road, Mt. Pleasant, S. Cross 6-inch lathe Atlas 9-inch lathe Slot inch slide - details below.

    Lathe with t slot cross slide - The Home Machinist!

    Continued below:. Atlas 10" Model D the original model with integral "Vertical-type" countershaft drive fastened to the back of the headstock and bed.

    Developing a problem atlas lathe t slot cross slide doesn't take long, so seek help if you think you're spending too much time at the table., lost a lot money gambling, western australia casino regulation, blackjack 26 nitro boat, excel craps calculator, black gold casino ardmore okThey atlas lathe t slot cross slide are absolutely wrong/10(). Apr 25,  · The slide with the two T-slots at right angles is Tool Post Slide. It was normally sold as part of the Turret Cross Slide, or Carriage Slide, with a 4-position turret in the front T-slot and a single position tool post in the rear one. I don't have the Model Number for the 9". For 10", it was No. If you would like a T-slotted cross slide for your Atlas sometimes have them available. Illustrated below, the first inch (" x ") Atlas lathe was introduced during ; the machine was considerably more robust than the two-year old Series-9 it replaced, especially in the area of the headstock where a completely redesigned casting resulted in a much stiffer structure.

    Circa FH30 Atlas lathe with the bench-mounted "Horizontal" countershaft and power cross feed.